About Daisy*

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About Daisy*

 About 6 weeks ago we received a new little girl, Daisy*. I don’t know all about Daisy’s background, but I do know that she was locked in a room for much of her 5 years of life, and her body is covered in scars. As soon as I met her it was obvious that she had deep emotional scars as well. She was very different from our other children, running up to complete strangers and practically jumping into their arms; she was starved for love and attention. She barely spoke, only smiled, screamed, or cried to express emotion. She was very wary of change, throwing huge tantrums and refusing to move anytime we left the nursery to go to the dining hall or the playground. As Daisy’s teacher in our nursery program, I have spent around 45 hours a week with her each week, coaxing her to join our games or stories, holding her tight when she needs a hug, training her to use a toilet, trying to calm her frantic meltdowns…. and it’s been tough. I’ve cried for her (thinking about her past), been angry at her (attempting to tame her seemingly irrational behavior), and prayed for her (especially in the middle of the tantrums). I even dream about her, that I am searching for her in a big group of our Ranch kids. I have been stressed, always worried about what a new day with Daisy would bring.

But today something dawned on me. About halfway through our day, I realized that Daisy hadn’t thrown a fit all day! I commented on that fact to my helper in the nursery, and we started talking about how we both have noticed Daisy talking much more lately. She has been walking to the dining hall and playground without having to be coerced. She hasn’t wet her pants in 3 days (a big deal!), and she’s even been sharing with other kids. At snack time this afternoon, Daisy led the prayer. It was mostly quiet mumbling with her eyes closed and hands folded, but she added a big “Amen!” at the end, and gave a smile that lit up her whole face! It may not seem like such a big deal, but for me, it was the best day she’s ever had! I feel so much peace in my heart now, knowing that she’s gonna be ok. I’m sure there’ll be a few more bumps along the way, but she’ll get there.

Thank you all for being a part of this ministry. It’s not about what I’ve done for Daisy, but how God is healing her wounds. Believe me, I couldn’t change her behavior, I tried! God is helping her learn to trust other people, and I’m so blessed to be a part of this miracle. I am so thankful that she’s been rescued from the darkness in her life, and now she has a safe and happy home where she is learning about Jesus. That’s what it’s all about!

*name has been changed to protect privacy.

By: Kelli – Missionary Associate, serving the Lord at Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch

Kelli in the HHCR - Nursery

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