Alumni in Defense

Alumni In Defense is a prevention program to keep young girls from getting trapped in human trafficking.

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The Alumni In Defense (A.I.D.) is a ministry where the HHCR alumni go out into the local communities and raise awareness of human trafficking. The ladies are teaching the young girls life skills to protect themselves from being pulled into the trade and are showing them an alternative lifestyle.




Q:How often do you do the A.I.D. program?

Every Saturday, two AID teams visit four different sites in our community. The teams lead a morning and afternoon session that has an average of 30 young ladies in attendance.

Q:Where does the AID team visit?

The team visits certain areas of Cebu where it is common for girls ages 6-12 years old to be recruited for human trafficking.

Q: During the program, what do you teach the young girls?

During our program, the Alumni will teach about safety, cleanliness, healthy relationships, and will inspire them to have big dreams.

Q: How does the Alumni in Defense make an impact?

This program impacts the lives of the next generation and the local communities in a healthy and positive way. We realize that in order to stop human trafficking we have to start taking care of the basic needs from within the community such as food, water, shelter, education, etc.