College Scholarship


This program provides free college for graduates of Happy Horizons Academy.

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When the children attend Happy Horizons Academy and grow educationally they develop big dreams for their future career. The College Scholarship Program provides free college to high school graduates of Happy Horizons Academy, and helps make their dream career a reality.



Q: How will this impact the students future?

Speaking fluent English and having a college degree is highly respected in the Philippines and will move these students to the top of the list in the career field. A degree is something the students will be impacted by for years to come.

Q: How many students are attending college right now?

We currently have seven students going to college.

Q:How much does college cost in the Philippines?

It is only $1,500 per year to send a child to college in the Philippines. You are able to donate the full amount, or you can donate a monthly gift of $125.

Q: How many students have graduated college because of this program?

We have had 17 students total graduate with their bachelors degree. We have had students who graduated with a bachelors in nursing, social work, education, pastoral ministry, and political science.