Medical Missions


We provide free medical assistance to over 150 people per mission.

$328 of $5,000 raised


The HHCR Medical Missions Initiative is an outreach program that is focused on helping the sick children of the Philippines. Our team of healthcare professionals,  go into communities that are in immediate need of medical attention.



We visit locations in our community with the most immediate need. Our head nurse is in contact with local pastors within the community and makes the decisions on where we visit.


Q:How often do you do medical missions?

We do medical missions when we have the proper funds to preform the mission. When volunteer doctors or nurses come visit HHCR they will usually donate the medicine they have. If we do not have the proper funding for a mission we are not able go out.

Q: Does HHCR follow up with the patients?

We do not follow up because the people we visit are in far off communities out of our immediate reach. But, the local pastors follow up with the patients.

Q: Is there more of a need during dry or rainy season?

We typically see more coughs and colds during the rainy season. During the summer time people are at risk of drinking unfiltered water and are prone to dehydration.

Q: Why is the Medical Missions Initiative important?

The Medical Missions Initiative is important because we are providing a free service to those who in desperate need of it. We believe that if God has provided us the tools, then we should get to work!