About Us


Happy Horizons is dedicated to rescuing and transforming the lives of sexually trafficked children in the Philippines.

Our mission is to rescue, transform, and defend these children to ensure they have a bright future. We strive to build a better community for the Filipino people in our area by providing medical care, food, and sharing the love of God with them.

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In 1996, Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch was founded by US Assemblies of God missionaries Glenn and Nancy Garrison. The Garrisons were missionaries in Taiwan for several years before being sent to Cebu, Philippines for a two-year assignment to help start a Chinese church. Things changed dramatically one morning when Pastor Glenn had to step over a child sleeping in the stairwell that led to his office.

Pastor Glenn found out that the children were on the street because of sexual abuse, rape, abandonment, incest, and human trafficking. Too often the family was the primary cause of the abuse. Happy Horizons was opened to get the kids away from these toxic situations, and make a positive change in their life.


Pastor Glenn & Nancy Garrison


Pastor Glenn & Nancy Garrison are leading advocates of children’s rights in the Philippines. They have been fully appointed Assemblies of God World Missionaries since 1982. Before founding Happy Horizons in 1994, the Garrisons pioneered Christian ministries "Agape International Christian Center" and "Agape English Rallies" in Taiwan. They were sent to the Philippines on a two year mission to plant churches and ended up staying because of the needs of the children in the community.

Otho & Janice Cooley


Otho & Janice Cooley have been missionaries for over 37 years. The Cooley's worked with Native American tribes and Filipino immigrants in the US for their first 19 years of service. From 1996 to 2015 they were missionaries on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines where they taught at Bible colleges, and planted churches. Since January 2016 the Cooley's have been in charge of the fundraising for Happy Horizons.

Pastor John & Kelli Williford

nursery and media directors

Pastor John & Kelli Williford were youth and children's ministers at a church in Tennessee for seven years before coming to Happy Horizons in 2010. Kelli is HHCR's nursery director, and a teacher at Happy Horizons Academy. Pastor John is HHCR's media director, the primary host for missions teams, and preaches at the on-campus church.




social services coordinator

 Alma is the head social worker who manages the duties and daily operations of the social workers on staff.  Her job also involves representing the children who are in ongoing court cases and provides needed mentoring after being rescued from their situation. 



health coordinator

Lorecho is the Head Nurse for HHCR and her job includes managing the duties and daily operations of the nurses on staff. She also is the coordinator of the Medical Missions Outreach programs and additionally helps coordinate the weekly COH gatherings and manages the food shipments.



school administrator

Sarah is the school administrator. Her job includes managing the duties and weekly operations of the students and HHA staff. She is also the coordinator of the One Child Matters gatherings and events, while keeping in contact with the children and their families that participate in OCM.

Our Campus

The Safe House

Happy Horizons provide a safe house which gives a protected environment that helps rescued girls develop long-range goals and inspire a desire for an independent and productive life. Once becoming adapted to their new life at the safe house, they are then relocated to the Ranch.

The Ranch

Perhaps the most important step in the arduous journey from despair to self-sufficiency involves residency in the Children’s Ranch where children and young ladies are nurtured by a carefully chosen team of counselors who try to replicate a positive family environment. It is in such a setting that children learn to bond with a surrogate family while pursuing further educational or professional opportunities. The children remain on the Ranch until their eighteenth birthday or until they have completed their education. When the children leave the home as young adults, they have vocational and life skills indispensable for independent living. They are then encouraged to pursue formal education or more advanced job training.

We will always continue to provide assistance and be a support system for the young men and women as they leave us and will be there to guide them as they tread through life. We are passionate about these kids and wish to provide them with the most opportunity to pursue their goals in life.