One Child


We are able to provide school supplies, medical assistance, and faith-based teachings to children living in poverty.

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One Child Matters equips children living in poverty to reach their God-given potential by creating opportunities for transformational development in: spirit, mind, and body. By partnering with HHCR, we accomplish this by working towards the sustained well-being of children at risk.



Q:What does the OCM program provide for the children?

We provide school supplies, school uniforms, cover school fees, help with medical needs by providing medicine, physical exams, assistance with medical emergencies, and we also help children with special needs.

Q: How many OCM projects does HHCR have?

We have 6 main projects and 5 subprojects that are within those, which makes it a total of 11. As of 2016, we are currently serving 1600+ children with the help of our staff and students at HHCR.

Q: Who are in charge of the projects?

The projects are run by project managers which are typically local pastors that we are in close contact with. The activities are held every Saturday and Sunday for 5 hours. They are led by the local pastor or project manager who have been trained by HHCR staff.

Q: What activities do you do during your program?

Our program includes activities to engage our students physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. These activities keep the children healthy, and makes their life sustainable.